Pet Friendly Apartments Still a Rare Find in Brisbane CBD

As little as three per cent of new apartments on the market in inner Brisbane accept four legged friends, with the lack of pet friendly residences responsible for hundreds of surrenders each year, according to Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ).

A search for new apartments within five kilometres of the Brisbane CBD on found just 7 of 270 were tagged as  pet friendly, while the same search on found  only 113 of approximately 1,000 apartments would accept animals.

Statistics from AWLQ show that of the more than 2,500 animals surrendered to the charity  across South East Queensland in the 2015/2016 financial year, almost a quarter were surrendered due to moving house or an inability to find appropriate accommodation. Inability to find pet friendly accommodation was the most frequent reason given for surrendering an adult dog and the second most frequent reason for adult cats.

AWLQ  Strategic Director Joy Verrinder says it is disappointing to see so many new apartments being developed across Brisbane city which do not welcome pets, and that the laws need to change to avoid an influx of surrendered animals over the coming years.

“The concern is that many people are choosing to move from a home to an apartment – especially as they age – and they are finding it difficult to take their pet with them. It’s sad because most pet owners treat their pets as family and really don’t want to leave them, and the animals also feel the loss, “she said.

“Developers need to play their part by re-thinking their stance on pets, and ideally the laws should be reformed to make it illegal for any body corporate or landlord to refuse a resident with a pet – as long as they can demonstrate they are a responsible owner.”

“Many places will only allow small dogs as well, which is disappointing. The decision should be based on the individual animal as their suitability will depend on many factors such as activity level of the animal and their owner, personality and training.”

Banc, which is located on the river in Toowong, is one of the handful of inner city developments which is pet friendly.

More than a third of the 33 apartments in the boutique project have already sold off-the-plan – predominantly to downsizers who are looking to bring their pooches and felines with them to their new home.

Developer John Li of Ideal Property says the fact that Banc is pet friendly has helped to seal the deal for a number of purchasers.

“Many of our recent buyers have been mature professionals whose children have left home, so their pets are an important part of the family unit,” he said.

“Some are concerned that living in an apartment means their pet won’t have the same quality of life as they did when they had a backyard – but Banc has access to the riverfront with kilometres of pathways for people to exercise their pets.

“The apartments are also house-sized – with sky homes ranging up to 231sqm, with a full floor, 455sqm sky mansion atop the building, which is actually double the size of the average home.

“Banc is not only pet friendly – it’s very people friendly too – with incredible amenities including a riverfront pool, private wine cellar and tasting room, and a resort-style foyer with three lifts.

“We are expecting to start construction in early 2017, with a view to completion by Christmas 2018, so purchasers can buy now and take advantage of price growth while they sell their existing property.”

The Banc sales centre is open to the public Thursday from 5pm to 7pm and Saturday from 12pm to 5pm. All other inspection times are by appointment. For more information please contact 1300 686 007.


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